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DIY Monthly Subscription Sign Project

Hi there !

If have been following me for a little while then you know how much I

love teaching people how to create it just excites me each time I’m working on a new project!

That’s why I’m so excited to announce this

Great news! 📢

I’m offering a Awesome Subscription Package each month starting July 15!

It’s a DIY Sign project!

You will receive all the supplies to complete one sign each month directly shipped to your home!

I always get so many compliments ❤️on these signs I post !

Now you can do them as well!

You will have all the supplies on hand! 🤩

Along with a private facebook group with videos each month on completing each one ! 😳

You can sign up now at this lower price I’m offering now ! 😳😀

I’m only opening this up to 40 people to start !

I know you will enjoy creating these wonderful signs each month as much as I love teaching you how ! ❤️❤️

I hope to see you soon! 😀❤️

Here is the link to join !


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