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DIY Recycle Bottle Santa

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Nothing thrills me more then taking an item after it has served its purpose and transforming it into something new and even more exciting then before!

Take this Santa it started with a cool bottle of my favorite Brew Dr Kombucha!

Side note if you haven't tried some you are missing out! It's delicious 😋.

Back to Santa !

There is serval steps to this cutie but I think it's worth making!



•Red ,White,Flesh ,Black and Black paint


•Artificial greenery

• whatever emblishments you want to use





•Chaulk Tile paste

• Sealer

• Diamond Dust

• A little cornstarch

After I enjoyed my drink I removed the label this one came off real easy !

I washed and dried my bottle..

Then I got my WHITE paint I used acrylic but you can use chalk paint too!

I did add a little corn starch in my paint to make it a little thicker and it adheres better to the glass!

I only did one coat I then let it dry and did the same thing with the RED paint I added a little cornstarch in it too!

I also just did one coat of Red .

I took my flesh color paint I used BUTTERMILK and painted the middle area where I wanted his face to be !

Then I took some Chaulk Tile paste for the hair and beard !

I also gave him some eyebrows too!

I used a popsicle stick to smooth it out !

Remember to let it dry all the way before proceeding so you won't get the paste everywhere...

I then dry brushed some cheeks on him with my RED paint!

You just need very little on a dry paint brush..

Use a paper towel to wipe some off the brush before you apply it for his cheeks...

Remember lighter is always better to start.

You can always darken it if you choose to!

I then added his eyes ... I like more of the almond shaped eyes for him.

You can use a Sharpe or black paint for them.

I also added a few eye lashes on each side.

I then added a little WHITE highlight in his eyes and some line work on his cheeks!

I then got my half of a wooden bead .

It's about 1/4 in... you can use whatever size you want this is what I had on hand.

I went ahead and painted it with my flesh color paint .

I glued it on then gave it a little hint of RED and a little WHITE highlight too!

I also grunged his bread a little with some watered down BROWN paint then I used a baby wipe to remove some of it ..

He is looking pretty cute!

For his beard I used this yarn but you can use what ever you like ..

I also had this skein on hand ! 😀

I just wrapped a piece of it around my fingers about 3 to 4 times then tied it in the middle .

I trimmed it and it was ready to be glued on .

Look how cute his beard looks!

I got my bell but I wanted to make it look rusty so I used my Cinnamon technique for that !

I brushed some BROWN paint on it let it dry then I apply a coat of sealer and while it was still wet I sprinkled cinnamon on it and let it dry!

Right before it was completely dry I sprinkled some Diamond Dust glitter on it!

It doesn't look like the same bell I started with!

I love how it came out!

While all that is drying I worked on my hat made with this coffee dyed and baked sock !

Look at all that grunge goodness!

I painted stripes on it with my red paint!

If you have a sock already to use then go for it !

I just love this look so much more !

Look how cute!

I painted both sides!

Let it dry before gluing on ....

He just comes to life with that Hat !

I pretty much played around with it until I was happy with it on his head then I glue it here and there underneath so it won't come off his head!

I cut the toe of the sock off and I stuff the hat just a little to give it a little shape !

I then attached my bell with a piece of wire then I tied a few strips of material!

So cute !

At this point it's up to you how you want to decorate the front part of his hat !

I used some artificial greenery, a little wooden snowflake, a little ornament.

You can add whatever you want.

For my last touch I like to splatter a little white paint then some black paint on his body with a toothbrush!

I use the WHITE first ...

Then I apply the BLACK.

I use two different toothbrushes when I do this ...

These are old toothbrushes I use purposely for this kind of stuff.

Make sure you use very little paint when you do this .

Run your thumb across the front of the brush!

Practice on a paper plate before you do it on your project!

Remember this to is optional....

That's it you are done ! 😀

If you like you can give him a light spray with a Sealer and sprinkle a little Diamond Dust on him again it's totally up to you !

Either way he's simply adorable! ❤️

Look how adorable! ❤️🎅

I just love him! ❤️

I know there is a lot of steps but I think it's well worth it!

You won't regret making these!

Here's a few links of some of the things I used!

Diamond Dust


Here are some Rusty Bells if you don't want to rust your own!

Spray Sealer

I hope you give this Santa a try !

Please let's us know if you do!

Post your pictures to our crafting page on Facebook

Creating with The Twirling Feathers!

Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅

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Oct 23, 2023

Where to buy chalk tile paste

Nov 09, 2023
Replying to

I usually pick it up at Family Dollar I’m sure Walmart has it to .


Oct 14, 2023

Is chalk tile paste the same as texture paste in other brands? If not, where do you get the chalk tile paste. This is so adorable. Thank you.

Nov 09, 2023
Replying to

I usually get it at Family Dollar. I’m sure Walmart carries it too..


Oct 13, 2023

Where do you get chalk til paste? In looking on line it says i washes off so I don’t think it’s the one I want. ty for your information.

Nov 09, 2023
Replying to

I usually get it from Family Dollar I’m sure Walmart carries it too!

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