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Cardboard Christmas Tree

"I enjoy decorating and adding seasonal touches everywhere, but it can get costly. This DIY tree offers a perfect, budget-friendly solution!

You are going to love it!


  • Piece of cardboard

  • Word ornaments (I used two)

  • Paint (I used Green, White, and Brown)

  • Hot glue

  • Artificial greenery

  • Rusty bell

Step 1. I drew a Christmas tree on the cardboard, ensuring it fits your cutouts.

Mine measures 12" h x 11"w, but you can adjust the size.

Step 2. I exposed some of the cardboard's ripples by peeling away some paper, leaving a rustic look.

Step 3. I dry brushed green on be mindful not to use too much paint, allowing the cardboard to show through.

Step 4. Then I dry brushed the white . I also added a little brown on the trunk Be mindful once again to not use too much paint, allowing the cardboard to show through. That's what adds its charm!

Here's the paints I chose to use .

You can use any brand you like . I tend to alternate between these brands and Americana.

Step 5. I glued my words on . I picked them up at Family Dollar for $1.25 each .


Step 6. I added a little bow and some artificial greenery and added a rusty bell that I had on hand .

Step 7. For extra charm, I applied Snow Tex and Diamond Dust to the greenery. I love the result!

Step 8. I included a simple Jude hanger on the back.

There you have it I just love this soooo much

It's a budget-friendly project that I adore!

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