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DIY Bunny from a Amazon Brown paper envelope!

I love shopping this is true!

I also love to spend my money wisely

So when I can get my moneys worth from my purchases that's even better!

I was able to turn one of my Amazon envelopes into this beautiful Bunny!

Here's how I did it.

Supplies I used

• Brown envelope from Amazon

• Faux Tile

• Brown Wax or Brown acrylic paint

• Hot glue

• Twine

• Dowel or stick

• Embellishments of your choosing

Here is the bunny pattern I used.

I traced my bunny on the paper.

This is what you should have once you cut it !

You only need a little filler.

As I glued it shut I lightly stuffed it with a little filler.

Then I glued a stick so I can stick it where ever I choose.

I used some White acrylic paint to give her a little color.

I dry brushed white paint all over her body .

I let some of the brown paper show through.

I recommend picking up one of these Dixie Belle Brown Wax !

This one has lasted me quite a long time !

You can also use brown paint.

I used my brown wax and applied a little around the edges for a grudge look!

I decided to put a heart on her body I cut out from a faux tin tile.

I love these faux tin tiles I use them a lot !

I pick them up at Family Dollar when they have them .

I added a paper heart to the tin one that I had glued on.

I used this Pom Pom for her tail so cute!

I love these watercolor paints I use them quite often!

I used my watercolor paint to add a little pink to her cheek and ears !

I love how this Bunny came out!

These were all items I already had on hand!

Look how fun and beautiful this Bunny turned out!

You can put her in a vase with some flowers , or use in your year round tree!

She will be perfect anywhere!

I hope you give her a try !

Please make sure you are following us on Facebook for daily inspiration and crafting ideas!

Happy creating!

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