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DIY Pumpkin from scrap wood and hinge

I am so addicted to making All sorts of Pumpkins! I just love them! Here’s another adorable one to add to your collection! I snagged some scrap pieces of wood before it got thrown on the burn pile! I had these old hinges I held on to for awhile and thought this is a perfect combo for a pumpkin! Yes that’s how my mind works lol!

I decided to paint my pieces of wood with this pretty Tropical Nut it had a orange tint to it .. I pick up at Loews awhile back but any orange paint you have will work!

I applied one coat of paint …

Then I decided to give it a little antique look to it by using a little Burnt Umber…

I like that grunge look!

Then I used some awesome E6000 and my Hot Glue to glue pieces together….

You apply the E6000 then just add a strip of Hot Glue beside it to help it hold …

So this is what you end up with depending on the size of your wood pieces yours can be longer or more narrow… The goal is to use your imagination stack them on each other to create the body of your pumpkin! Remember no two pumpkins are alike! 😀🎃

If you have been following me for any length of time you know how much I love using cinnamon for that Rusty effect! So I grabbed mine and sprinkled it over my pumpkin! Remember if you choose to use this technique always get the cheap Cinnamon at Dollar General or Family Dollar any place that carries it … Don’t buy the expensive Cinnamon for your crafting projects save that for your baking needs!

Once I finished with the cinnamon I went ahead and put a coat of sealer on it you can use which ever one you choose… I love this one I use it for pretty much all projects that require a sealer! i normally get this at Hobby Lobby or Amazon here’s a link for it .

I tab it on I usually put a thick coat but only tab so your cinnamon doesn’t get wiped off…

I then grabbed my hinge it was already nice and Rusty so I didn’t do anything to it… but if you have a new one and you want to make it look old you can add some cinnamon to it also and then seal it and it will have that Rusty look as well.

Even though my pumpkin was still wet I went ahead and used the E6000 to glue my hinge on . I knew I was going to leave it flat to dry

I used a little Moss.

I also used a branch for the stem you can use whatever you want to make your stem .. A little tip for you if you buy real pumpkins that have nice stems on them … once you are done using your real pumpkins before getting rid of them cut out the stems and dry them out so you can use them on your DIY pumpkins… I have also dried out the stems on Green and Red Bell Peppers those make nice stems too! Always think outside the box! 😀

How cute is this ! I added a little hang tag and there you have it! I hope you give these a try !

Here’s just a cute cluster of some of my other pumpkins together ! Have fun creating! It really is such a Blessing!

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