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Repurposed clock into Beautiful Bird wall hanging

I love creating new things! Especially when I can refurbish something like this broken clock that I transformed into this BEAUTIFUL Bird wall hanging!


• Clock from Resale shop ( this one was broken so they actually surprised me and gave it to me for FREE) it would of been only $2 if it did work which is an awesome deal!

• Any type of print you want to use .

You can find many choices on Etsy or even Pinterest.

This digital print I did purchase on Etsy

• newspaper print tissue paper I purchased from Hobby Lobby you can also use book pages.

• paper flowers I sell in my Etsy shop I'll drop the link below

• Trim that I made for embellishment. I'll drop the link for the mold I used below.

• Chalkpaint

• Rub n Buff Gold Leaf

I went ahead and wiped down my clock .

I then went ahead and took my clock apart.

I took the hands off ( keep those for other projects)

I peeled off the paper with the clock face on it .

I then gathered a hymnal that I had already coffee stained.. ( In The Garden )

I did purchase on Etsy I'll drop a link below .

I also had coffee stain my Bird print too!

I set those aside while I worked on the wood frame .

I took some Elmers glue and spread it on the frame this will give you a crackle effect.

I then used my Chalk paint Home decor Grey .

Put the glue on the frame then brush on the paint .....always going in one direction only.

Once it drys you will get this beautiful crackle effect!

I then set the frame aside and took my tissue paper and applied it to the face of the clock .

I used my Elmer's glue to apply it . You can also use Mod Podge if you like either one works just as well!

I then applied my Hymnal the same way .

I did tear the edge of it before I put it down .

Then I went ahead and applied my bird .

I tore it also .... so it wouldn't cover all the wording on my hymnal.

I then took some left over paper that had a decorative print on it from my bird print and applied it as well . It was to pretty not to use !

I took my watercolor paint and lightly gave my bird a little more color .

He looks so pretty!

I took my Rub n Buff and very lightly applied some on the gold trim and also on my wood frame .

I used my finger to apply it .

You just need very little...

While that was drying I did take a little Brown paint ( I used Burnt Umber) and distressed the picture a little ..

I just love how this frame came out !

All that crackle goodness! 😀

I went ahead and took my trim that I had made a while back and added it to the frame once I put the clock back together!

I also added my flowers that I carry in my Etsy Shop!

Look how beautiful this came out!

I hope you keep your eyes peeled for these wonderful clocks that you can bring back to life !

Here is another one I did as well!

Here are some Links for you!

Trim Silicon mold

Rub n Buff

Watercolor paint

Paper flowers

Hymnal I purchased from

Vintage Digital Rose on Etsy

I hope you give this a try !

Also make sure you are following The Twirling Feathers on Facebook!

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