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Ribbon Pumpkin

I love this time of year! I can't help but see Potential Pumpkins in everything!

This particular one is great for using up left over Ribbon !

Supplies you will need:

• Ribbon

• some sort of stem ( I used a long Christmas ornament)

• book page

• hot glue

• moss

My ribbon was about 2" wide and it did have wire in it .. I'm sure you can use ribbon without it too.

I pretty much just started roll it and just adding a little glue here and there as I rolled .

Once you get it as big as you want it you can then cut it and glue the end down .

I pretty much used up all this ribbon I had so it worked out pretty well.

I simply glued the end down.

So here is my pumpkin.

I then chose to cut a little slit on top so I could stick my stem in .

I used this beautiful ornament as my stem !

I picked up a bag of assorted ornaments at a local resale shop for only $1 Christmas items were on sale in July.

I did add a little hot glue before sticking my ornament stem on .

I used a page from a book and cut out some leaves and painted them green .

You can use whatever shade green you like .

I also made some paper roses! I love these !

I painted them a light wash of orange .

Once my leaves were dry I also distressed them by rubbing my brown ink pad on them .

I glued my leaves on and also crinkled them a little . It looks so pretty already!

At this point I added a little moss . Use whatever kind you would like.

I then used some rafia I love to split the strands so the strands can be nice and thin for the bow ! 😀

Look how pretty that looks!

I then glued on my roses!

So pretty!

I added a cute hang tag! I just used another piece of the book page and stamped this cute pumpkin on it !

Just look how nice it all looks together.

I did add just a little dried swigs to the top as well . I actually got this from my yard .

For the finishing touch I lightly sprayed it with a little spray sealer and sprinkled some Diamond Dust glitter!

There you have it it's so pretty and so much fun to create!

I hope you give this a try !

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Link for Pumpkin stamp I used .

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