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Uncle Sam Clothespin

Updated: May 2

I love creating with Clothespins!

They are pretty inexpensive and you get serval of them !

So they are absolutely perfect for this type of project!

I pretty much create seasonal themed items with them quite often .

This time it’s all about these cuties right here!

Uncle Sam!

Supplies you will need:

• Clothespins

• Red, White, Blue, Ivory and Black paint

• Glitter

• Hot glue

• magnet

• Cotton, stuffing or fuzzy yarn for mustache.

• mini popsicle stick

Once you gather everything you will start with the small popsicle stick.

These are pretty small they are perfect for the rim of the hat .

I cut both ends of my popsicle sticks.

I used this blue it’s what I had on hand . Use what you have .

I painted the top of the clothespin and the rims of the hat Blue.

Once the rim of the hat was dry I glued them on with Hot Glue.

Use whatever ivory shade you have on hand .

You can even mix white with a little brown to create a flesh color too.

This is the white I used. You can use chalk paint for this project too.

This is the red I used . You can use any red you have on hand.

This is what they look like with their ivory faces and their red and white stripes!

I gave them some cheeks.

I added just a little white to the hat.

I used black paint and a stylus to add their eyes.

Yes it’s in a ginger container!🤣 I had it in a large container and didn’t want to keep lugging it around.😀

So I recycled this empty jar for that so much more convenient.

I added their eyes!

I used a little sheep wool for their mustache!

This is actually some of the wool I cleaned from a friends sheep that they gave me after sheering their sheep!

You can use cotton, a fuzzy piece of yarn what ever you have handy .

This magnet is the perfect size for this project!

I love these little magnets they are so strong also!

I used my favorite sealer on this project!

While the varnish was still wet I sprinkled a little glitter dust on his hat!

I mean can we say Adorable!

I Love how this these Uncle Sam clothespins came out !

They are super fun and quick to make ! ❤️

You can’t just make one !

Just imagine how cute serval of these would look attached to a garland!

Or on your refrigerator holding a note!

How cute would they be on your seasonal tree!

They are so easy to create !

I hope you give them a try.

I know you will love this project as much as I do!

Of course once more another super budget friendly project!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun beautiful items to add to your decorating!

It all starts just by using a little imagination and a few supplies!

I’m alway trying to create adorable budget friendly projects and this one is right up there for sure!

I hope you give this Uncle Sam clothespin project a try !

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Happy creating!

Mini magnet

Minwax sealer



Glitter dust

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