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DIY Cardboard country basket

I love baskets ! They are so useful and I just love the look and feel it brings to just about any spot in your home .

Since I love creating with cardboard I thought why not experiment and try and create a basket!

Well I'm so happy with how it came out !

It is pretty quick and easy to create !

You really only need 4 things!

Supplies needed.

• Cardboard

• Twine

• Hot glue

• scissors

You are going to need about 15 strips of cardboard. I cut extra just incase I needed it .

They need to be 12" long and about 1/2 wide.

I then just started crisscrossing them .

5 one way the 5 the other way .

Like as if you are weaving them together.

I tried to leave an even space in between them .

Once I was happy with the spacing I just added a little bit of glue on each strip towards the ends ,then I flipped it over and did the same thing on the other side .

Then you will fold up the sides

You now need to glue a piece of the cardboard strip on the upper outside of the basket.

Go all the way around.

Once you are done you can trim any pieces that are to long . Your sides should be 3" high.

It should look like this !

So cute already!

Once you finish gluing that piece on top, on the outside of the basket then glue another piece on the upper part on the inside so it gives it that finished look!

Take your twine and weave it in and out of the bottom slats.

This little touch right here gives it that country look for sure!

Make sure once you run your twine one way then run it the opposite way .

I then added a strip for the handle .

I glued mine tilted a little but you can glue yours more in the middle. Do it whichever way you may like it best . I then added a little loopy twine bow and I just love it !

I think that little bit of twine gives it the perfect finishing touch !

This little country basket is just the cutest thing!

I absolutely love how it came out!

You really can't get anymore budget friendly then this !

What a perfect piece of decor for any corner of your home !

How cute would several of these little baskets look on your year round tree!

I hope you give this fun project a try !

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Happy creating!

If you don't have cardboard you can alway order some from here.

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