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DIY Lady Bug

If you have followed me for a while you know that I'm all about Budget Friendly projects!

This Ladybug is super fun to create and I know you will want to make serval of them !

They are perfect for tucking in a flower arrangement!

Even your year round tree!

Here's the Supplies I used.

• Cardboard

• Green, Orange , Red acrylic paint

• Dixie Belle Wax Brown

• Hot Glue

• Wire

• Pom Poms

• Wooden Beads

• Wooden Sweker

• Lace

• Ribbon or Material for bow

I got my piece of cardboard you can decide what size you want your Ladybug.

I then freehanded an oval on it for the body .

Don't over think this just draw it the size you want .

I used some corrugated cardboard for the wings .

You can peel the top layer of paper off the cardboard piece , or you can use the sleeves that come on the coffee cups from the coffee shop .

I do keeps some of those for projects!

They are perfect for smaller projects like this one.

Either way, you need to cut two wings again I just freehanded them .

To complement the size of her body .

I painted the body Green .

I painted the wings orange .

Once they dried I went ahead and glued them on her body !

Already coming together!

I wanted to tone down those colors so I did with alittle Brown Wax.

I used my favorite Dixie Belle wax in Brown to grunge her up a bit !

You can use Brown Paint if that's what you have . Just remember to start light then you can add more if you need it .

I went head and split a small wooden bead for the nose .

Look at that cute nose! It's perfect!

I added a little lace to her wings!

I love this trim ! I bought it at Hobby Lobby a year or so ago and I have been enjoying using it so much !

I love how it looks on her wings!

Don't you?

I also added a little Dixie Belle Brown Wax for that grunge look!

You know me I love that look so much !

I used this color red for a little cheek color. Use whichever red color you have on hand!

You can even use a little blush if that's what you have .

I used the tops of straight pins I had dyed a while back for the eyes.

I just cut the straight pin part off I used wire cutter to do that .

I used hot glue to attach them on.

Gather your wooden beads.

I again split all my beads in half and just glued my small and large wooden beads whichever way I wanted on her wings.

I also grunged them as well.

For the antennas I used a 20" gage wire you can use whichever one you want .

This was what I had on hand.

I cut them the length I wanted and curled them .

I used a thicker pant brush handle to wrap the wire for that curl!

The antennas look perfect!

I also added a Pom Pom at the end of each one!

I went ahead and glued the skewer with hot glue so now she can be placed anywhere you like!

She is now ready to be tucked anywhere you want a touch of whimsy!

I went ahead and used strips of material for her bow and created a fun loopy bow!

I just love how she looks!

This little ladybug is just the cutest thing!

I absolutely love how she came out!

It all started with just a plan piece of Cardboard!

You really can't get anymore budget friendly then this !

What a perfect piece of decor to tuck just about anywhere in your home!

How cute would several of these little ladybugs look on your year round tree!

I hope you give this fun project a try !

Please make sure you are following us on Facebook for daily inspiration and crafting ideas!

Happy creating!

Here are some links for some items I used to create her.

Wooden Beads

Wooden skewers

Black bead eyes

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