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Vintage paper roses

I love working with paper!

Once you see this project you will fall in love with how BEAUTIFUL and SIMPLE this is!

You don't need anything special to create these beautiful vintage ROSES!


• Pages from a Book

• an empty roll of bathroom paper

• two different size lids( I used a 2 1/2 inch and the smaller lid was 1 inch )

• pencil or pen

• hot glue

• watercolor paint (optional)

• scissors

With my larger lid I traced out a circle on my paper .. You can cut your stack of paper in half before tracing out your circle!

I used about 25 circles per ROSE.

My larger lid measures about 2 - 1/2 inches

These are your petals !

I then took a petal and folded it over the edge of the bathroom roll.

Like this very simple!

As I over lapped the circles I added a little bit of glue to hold them together.... just make sure you don't get glue on your bathroom roll or you won't be able to lift the rose out....

Keep going around until you have used about 25 of them .

Now the magic happens carefully remove the roll and you will be amazed at the BEAUTIFUL ROSE you just created!

How BEAUTIFUL is that !

You will want to make dozens of these!

Now with my smaller lid I cut out another circle to glue at the bottom of the ROSE!

This finishes out your rose!

You can stop here if you like they are simply BEAUTIFUL just like this !

Or you can add a little color I chose to use some watercolor paint and add just a hint of color on mine!


I hope you give these a try !

These are about the easiest roses I have ever made!

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