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Beautiful Flowers made by using your finger

Updated: Apr 16

I love creating Fun Easy and quick projects!

This Flower is one of them !

I know once you make one you will be hooked !

These are just the perfect little touch to your Dough Bowl as a filler.

String together to create a beautiful garland!

You can even create them into a fun pin to wear by glueing a pin on the back of it .

Here’s the Supplies you will need :


• needle

• buttons

• Scissors

• Hot glue

Choose whatever yarn you want to use . I had serval I had on hand .

I then looped the yarn around my finger 25 times . If your yarn is thinner you will probably have to wrap it a little more like 30 or 35 loops .

Once you get your petal done you need to get your needle and thread some yarn on it.

I love using these Large Eye plastic needle I’ll drop a link for them at the end of this blog.

You now just need to gather the bottom of petal and then you can tie it off.

Don’t over think this step just run your needle with yarn through your loop and tighten .

You are just gathering the bottom with a few split stitches through all the loops together! Easy peasy !

Do the same thing on the top of the petal .

So both ends are now gathered together.

Here’s what your petal should look like .

I made 5 petals .

Once you have 5 petals complete just run a piece of yarn through them and tie it off nice and tight!

Look how adorable this flower is !

For the finishing touch I glued a button in the middle!

Soooo cute!

These little Flowers are just the cutest thing!

I absolutely love how they came out!

It all starts just by using a little scrap of yarn !

This is such a great way to use those leftover pieces of yarn you just don’t want to throw out!😀

You really can't get anymore budget friendly then this !

These are perfect to use in your dough bowl or string them together for a beautiful garland!

I hope you give this fun project a try !

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Happy creating!

Plastic large eye Needle

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