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Bunny HOP Shelf Setter

I'm all about creating Fun and Whimsical home decor like this adorable Spring / Easter sign with Bunny ears !

I get my inspiration from so many things , places and people and always put my spin on it !

This particular one I was inspired by Stephanie from The Vintage Pebble

You can check out her version of it here.


I try to create items that are Budget friendly and add that touch of warmth and fun to any place you decide to display it !

Supplies you will need

• wooden board or canvas

• wooden letter or you can cut them out of cardboard

• decoupage print of your choosing

• white acrylic paint

• Burnt Umber paint or any brown you like

• brown wax

• pink acrylic paint or whatever pink you have on hand .

• Elmer's glue or Mod Podge

• strips of material , raffla or ribbon for bow

• Hot Glue

• cardboard for ears

I cut my ears out of the cardboard mine are about 7 " long .

Then I cut two smaller ones for the middle part of the ears .

I painted my board white .

I gave it two coats .

I pulled some of the paper off the ears here and there.

I also cut two smaller pieces for the middle part of the ears .

I also pulled the paper off those too!

I went ahead and painted the larger ears white also .

I painted the smaller ones Pink .

I then took my letters that I got from Dollar General and covered them with the beautiful Rice paper I got from Decoupage Central!

Look how beautiful this paper is !

I used my Elmer's glue to apply my paper.

Once it dried I lightly sanded the edges of the letters .

I went ahead and glued my ears together.

I then took my Burnt Umber and I added some stripes to my board.

I love that look.

I had watered down the brown to achieve this look.

I then took my brown wax to grunge up the ears .

It looks so cute!

I also grunged up the letters too.

I then took my crackle rubber stamp and ink and added it here and there on my board .

It made it look old and chippy.

I then positioned everything the way I wanted it together and hot glued it on my board.

My final touch was making my bow using my material strips and raffia then gluing it in place .

There it is so fun and whimsical!

I just love it !

I hope you give this beautiful sign a try!

Please make sure you are following us on Facebook for daily inspiration and crafting ideas!

Happy creating!

Crackle rubber stamp


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