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Bunny made with rope.

Updated: Feb 13

I just love making Bunnies! These cuties are just so easy to make.... You will need to make serval for your year round tree or use as a bowl filler ! You can even string them along to create a swag! Which ever way you decide I know you will love them!

Here is what you will need !

• Rope which ever thickness you want I actually found this rope at a feed store !

• some type of lace for your ears ... this lace I used came off the bottom of an old sweater I didn’t wear .....

• some pieces of ribbon whichever color you want to use to make a fun bow.

• Scissors

5.Red paint any kind you like you just need a little.

• Black paint any kind you like again you will only need a little.

• Hot glue

• two small black buttons for the eyes .... you can use wiggly eyes if you like .

Take the end of your rope add a little glue and start rolling it .... be careful not to burn your fingers with the glue ...Just take your time glue a little then roll ... Make your head as big as you want it !

Ok once your head is done ... I made mine 4 inches x 4 1/2 ... now you are going to cut two pieces for your ears from your rope .... so I cut mine 12 inches long so when you fold them they will be roughly 6 inch ears but you can make them as long as you want ! I just wanted mine with bigger ears! 😀

Then you will hot glue them down ... make sure you hold the ends down while the glue cools so they will hold well .... Be careful doing this so you don’t get burned...

Ok it’s looking adorable already!

Now run some glue around your ear and place your lace on it you might want to use a pencil or the end of a wooden spoon to help you glue the lace down so you won’t burn your fingers since the lace is thin.... work a small section at a time.... Once it’s cool cut the extra lace off....

How cute is that !

Take your red you just need a little... forgive my plate the other colors on it are dry ! I paint a lot! 😂

Take your brush dip it in the red, then blot some of it off you just want a little bit on your brush.... you can even use face blush if you don’t have paint ....

You are going to add a little color to the cheeks and the inside of the ears ! Very simple!

Glue your eyes on ....use whichever ones you have decided to use ..

Now get your black for the nose , mouth and whiskers..

I would recommend using a fine liner brush You can get them at any craft or hobby store ... Also on Amazon.. I’ll drop a link to the ones I am using ....

Don’t over think this step just paint your upside down triangle for the nose and then your mouth ... and give it some wavy lines for the whiskers! Have fun remember the rope is bumpy so your lines are not going to be perfect! But that’s what makes it unique and your own!

Get your ribbon cut the length you want then criss cross them and then tie in the middle .... there is your bow quick and easy !

How adorable! Now from here you can decide if you want to stick him in your tree or use as a bowl filler ... I glued a skinny dowel on mine to stick in my tree .....

I just glued it in the back ....

How adorable are these cuties!

I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did !

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Happy creating!

Paint Brushes I love to use!


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