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Chenille Candy Corn decorative Pillow no sewing required!

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Here in Texas we have had a very hot Summer !

Temps pass the 100 mark serval days in a row with no rain ....

So when we finally did get RAIN and the temperature dipped into the 89 to 90 range it felt like Fall ' 🍂

So it inspired me to make these two adorable Pieces to usher in those cooler temperatures!

Here's the supplies I used.

• Chenille bedspread I bought on EBay

• Hot Glue Tool

• Orange, Yelliw and Brown paint

• glitter

• Paper tag

• poly filler or plastic bags

Here is the shape of my candy corn that I used .

I drew it out on a paper folder to use as my pattern .

This measures about 9 inches wide at the bottom and 12 inches tall . You can make it whatever size you like .

I then traced it out on my material!

I used a sharpie..

Once it was cut out I proceeded to glue the edges!

Oh yes this Candy Cane is a no sew project 😀!

I went all around but left an opening at the bottom to fill!

I then began to stuff my pillow !

Here's another little tip if you have a lot of plastic shopping bags here's a nice way to recycle them by using them as your stuffing!

I didn't have any poly filler so these worked perfectly!

I then glued the last opening and you are done with creating your Candy acorn pillow !

Now it's time to paint it !

I got out my yellow paint and painted my first part of my pillow .

I did water it down a little as I painted .

But you don't have to if you choose not too I just liked that look better.

Looking cute already!

Then I moved on to my Orange I did the same thing .

I then grunged it up with a little brown paint you don't have to do this step ... but I love that look!

I then added one of my Tags that I make to add to the cuteness !

I also sell these tag at my Etsy shop here's the link

Ok look how adorable this Candy Corn is !

I just love it !

I hope you give this project a try !

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