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Coiled paper Roses

I say it often I love creating Roses!

These can't be any easier to create!

You will need very little supplies to make these!

I'm sure you have everything right now on hand!

Supplies I used.

• Pages from a book, magazines or scape book paper

• Artificial green stems

• Hot glue

• Scissors

Take whatever paper you decided to use and draw a spiral on it like this.

It can have scallopes or it can be smooth lines your choice.

I then cut it out so you will have something like this !

I then started at the end rolling towards the center .

I don't glue anything until the end.

I let it open up once it's opened enough I then glue the bottom.

The wider part of the paper at the end covers the bottom perfectly.

I then get my stem and I use it to poke a hole under it .

I add glue to the bottom of the rose and insert my stem in .

I also place a tiny bit of glue where I want the leaves to be .

Look how quick beautiful and easy this turned out!

These are just such beautiful Roses!

You can put them in a vase alone or mixed in with some other flowers !

It will make such a beautiful arrangement!

I hope you give these Roses a try !

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Happy creating!

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