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Creating adorable Christmas Trees from Paintable Wallpaper and Champagne Corks!

I love Trees! Especially these, they are Super Cute and Super easy to make !

I love displaying them everywhere!

Such a nice touch of cheer anywhere you choose!

These are simple and Quick to make....

Supplies needed


• Paintable Wallpaper

• Heavy Cardboard

• Champagne corks you can also use wooden candle sticks or spindles

• Paint I used Green, Red, White and Brown

• Mod Podge

• Bling of your choice

• a little ribbon

• hot glue

• Tree shapes you can draw your own . I used Canva to create my shape then I just created 3 sizes

Here are my Shapes .

I cut my shapes out from my cardboard and my wallpaper.

I went a head and glued my wallpaper on can use Mod Podge or Elmers glue.

I'll put the links to the things I used at the end of this blog.

They already look adorable!

Here are all the colors I used!

The last tree I did give it a coat of white even though the wallpaper is ready that color I still wanted a coat of paint on it.

I put a light coat of Burnt Umber to make it look grunge and then I brushed a light coat of Silver Glitter to give it that sparkle!

I cut a slit in my cork I used a screw driver and hammer to make that slit ....

I then glued them in .

I used a little Spanish moss a little ribbon and some bling!

To embellish the stand!

Decorate your cork or whatever you use as a stand the way you like!

Look how adorable they are!!!!!

I just love these trees!

I hope you give these a try !

Here are the links to some of the things I used!


Paintable wallpaper

Champagne corks


Mod Podge

Post your pictures of your Fabulous Trees on our crafting page over on Facebook!

Creating with The Twirling Feathers

See you there! 😀❤️

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