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Creative Bubble Bee

This is a super easy project!

You will need some Lids !

Any kind you want to use ...

I used a lid from a cinnamon container for the head .

The other Lid was from a Salsa Jar for the body .

I also used the end of an old paint brush for the tail.

I went ahead and painted everything Black use any Black paint you want .

I did use Hot Glue for this whole project!

I glued the lids to a paint stick .

I notched the tail a little so it can be glued to the stick to give it extra support!

I cut out two wings from this material I had on hand ! You can also use lace material or tule if you have some they will make great wings as well!

I actually cut 4 so I could run a thin piece of wire around the wing so it could be sturdy and bendable!

I then glued it to the back of the 🐝!

I used really thin wire for the antennas !

I glued those on !

For the stripes I had made trim from my silicone mold and painted it yellow and then antiqued it a little with my brown ink pad .

I trimmed them and glued them on .

This is one of the molds I love to use !


I simply love these trims .

I use them all the time !

Here it is ! How adorable! ❤️🐝

I went ahead and made a fun bow and added a little Lacey rose in the middle!

This is so much fun to create!

I hope you make several!

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