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Decoupaged can ornaments

I love creating and I always get so excited when I see the transition of basic items transform into awesome decor!

Like these simple recycled cans !

Anyone can create these!

I say it all the time decorating for each season does not need to be expensive!


• Cans any size you want

• Fall napkins

•Mod Podge


• Wire

I did 3 at the same time so you will see steps with different napkins .....

A little helpful tip! I like to put a little drop of Mod Podge or glue on my finger to help separate the backing of the napkin!

Remember to make sure you remove all layers some napkins have up to 3 layers!

You just want the thin top layer with the pattern on it ...

You are now ready to apply the Mod Podge!

I like to work a section at a time .

Be gentle with your napkin and take your time ...

here's a link for the Mod Podge


After this step let it dry ....

Once dry go ahead and lightly sand off edges of access napkin off the edges .

I went ahead and drilled a holes on each of my cans!

You can decoupage the top of your cans if you want .

I chose not to do mine.

I used my brown and gave it a light wash on it to give it a grunge look ... You don't have to if you don't want to ...

I just love that vintage old look!

Add a little water to your paint and start very light and you can darken it if you want to .....

Once the paint was dry I gave it a coat of clear finish then I sprinkled some copper glitter on them ....

Now you are ready to add your hanger !

I love using this wire !

Here's a link for the one I use !


I always use my wire cutters to cut this wire !

I love these cutters I have had them for about 5 yrs and they still cut great !

I highly recommend these in your crafting tool box !


I give my wire a twist on the inside so it doesn't come out and then I added a little ribbon and a hang tag!

I love making hang tags!

Here is a couple of links for what I use to make them .


Hang tags


Pumpkin rubber stamp

There you have it !

These are just to cute !

So inexpensive to make!

I hope you get creative and make these !

Please post them to our crafting page on Facebook if you do !

Creating with The Twirling Feathers

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