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DIY 3 Tier stand from Tin containers

I love finding Tin containers! Especially at resale shops !

I found these 3 the other day at one of my favorite thrift stores !

One of the containers was full of Jingle Bells which I can use for so many other projects!

These 3 containers ended up being only $1.50 for all three because everything was 50% off

I decided to create a 3 tier stand with them and I just love how it came out!

Here's what I used


• 3 Tin containers

• Cardinal napkin I purchased from European Excellency. I'll post the links to what I used at the end of this blog!

• Elmer's glue or Mod Podge

• wooden spindles or candle sticks

• glass door knob

• sanding block or sand paper

• white paint any kind

I went ahead and gave each container a coat of white paint to help cover the print on each can so when I decoupaged you wouldn't see it .

( for those of you that collect these containers you can always pick up the plain containers at Dollar General or anywhere else that sells them so you don't have to cover up the ones you love) just a little reminder! 😀

They don't have to be perfect just enough to cover the design..

This was the beautiful napkin I used!

I love European Excellency thier napkins are so easy to work with!

I went ahead and pulled apart the layers from the back of the napkin and started covering the container with Elmer's glue and applying the napkin .

I like to work a small section at a time so you have more control as you are laying the napkin on ...

Take your time and be gentle with your napkin so it doesn't tear ... But even if it does no worries you can still work it into place ....

I also like to tear the end of my napkin a little towards the end so it doesn't have that straight edge and it blends in better!

These are the little tips and tricks that make your projects unique and beautiful!

Once it dries I take my sanding block and gently sand off the edges to all my containers.

They look so pretty with that Cardinal napkin !

I also chose to leave the inside of each container unpainted .

At this point I picked out my spindles I had some left over from another project I did.

You can use whatever you want ...

These were perfect so I gave them a light dry coat of ivory paint .

I used Buttermilk!

I just dry brushed them so I didn't have to sand them to achieve this look.

I went ahead and used E -6000 and Hot Glue to put my spindles in place .

You can use a screw to put this one in screwing it in from the bottom... If you want.

I have used E -6000 with Hot glue quite often and that combination has worked very well for me with many projects! 😀

I continued to put my tiers on .

I just love how this is turning out!

I used this beautiful glass knob for the finishing touch !

Look how beautiful that turned out!

Once I was done I gave it a light coat of clear sealer around the outside of each container.

I then let it dry over night !

I love it !

I hope you give this a try I know you will enjoy creating it!

Here are Links to some of the supplies I used!

Glass knobs


Use coupon code FATIMA. It gives you a 10% discount.

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