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DIY 4th of July Two Tier stand

I love creating with cans you would be amazed at all the things that you can create with them like this two-tier Fourth of July shelf setter.

It can be used all year round. You can change out for the seasons.

It is so quick and easy to do!

So grab some cans and follow along.

Supplies you will need:

•Two large tuna cans or chicken cans • One small wooden pedestal, I used one that I got from a little birdhouse that I bought a while back at Family Dollar

• A print I used Decloration of Independence that I purchased from Etsy as a PDF.

• Any type of ivory or cream color paint I used chalk paint in the color, sheepskin

• ink pad

• mod podge or Elmers glue

• hot glue tool

• 3 or 4 wine corks

• Jude

• red white, and blue paint

• Scrapbooking paper

• glitter

• scissors.

I started with my can and I went ahead and washed it and made sure that there was no sharp edges.

I used needle nose pliers to make sure it was nice and smooth.

Then I went ahead and gave it a coat of my sheepskin paint and I let that dry

While that was drying, I went ahead and got my print ready for me to use.

I went ahead and used the olive oil technique on my print to give it that old rice paper look ....

I will drop a link to that video so that you could see how that technique is done.

Once my paper was dried I went ahead and measured by eyeballing it around my can to see how much I would need.

I tried to use the wording declaration of independence around the Can and then I went ahead and ripped the next section to finish off the can .

For the bottom, can I just went ahead and did the rest of the wording going all the way around you can do it whichever way you would like ...

I went ahead and apply Elmers glue and put my paper around the cans I put that aside and let it dry.

Once both cans were dry, I lightly sanded the edges.

I went ahead and got my ink pad and antiqued them by wiping it all over it you can do as much or as little as as you want or you don’t even have to do this step if you don’t want to … sometimes I go ahead and water down a little brown paint and I use my paintbrush and I achieve this same technique … but using the ink pad makes it so much easier …

I then went ahead and used the little stand that I removed from the birdhouse that I had bought at Family Dollar.

I painted the stand the same color as the cans and then I use the same technique by using my ink pad on it to create that same antique look!

I used hot glue to glue the stand to the cans and I set that a side look how cute it is just by itself!

For my round ornament, I went ahead and used this real pretty polkadotted scrapbook paper.

I cut out 3 circles. I used my pinking shears to give it that Zigzag edging.

I went ahead and folded them in half, and I glued them together with each center touching each other to form the dimensional ornament.

I then went ahead and put a little bit of glue on the edge of each one and sprinkled a little glitter on it then I went ahead and use the piece of jude to make the hanger for it .

You don’t have to put a hanger on it but I thought if I decided to hang it on my seasonal tree it would be ready to go!

Look how adorable it is! 😀

Now for the fire crackers, these were super fun to make!

I love working with wine corks!

These make the perfect little fire crackers I decided to make four and I went ahead and painted them red white and blue, and I just did different styles of the red white and blue as you can see so just be creative and do it which ever way you want !

Once I was done painting them I went ahead and took my brown paint this time and I did water it down and I went ahead and gave them an antique look with the paint.

I also went ahead and put a little piece of Jude for the top of the fire cracker.

You can also use a little piece of wire mixed in with the Jude.

I didn’t have any on hand, so I just use the the cord but you can do it whichever way you want but look how adorable these are! I just love them !

These are perfect just to make and use separately and perfect for a filler for your dough bowl!

I displayed my firecrackers and ornament in my cans with a little filler and there you have it as cute as can be !

The possibilities for this is endless!

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