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DIY Christmas Tree Sign

"I love Christmas trees, and I enjoy experimenting with various ideas to create unique looks, like this festive sign! It's a quick and beautiful project with minimal cost. Here's a breakdown of the steps and supplies I used:


  • Canvas (4x6 inches)

  • Christmas tissue paper

  • Christmas ornament (Family Dollar find)

  • Clear Elmer's Glue

  • Brown acrylic paint or stamping ink

  • Brown paper bag or cardboard

  • Green acrylic paint


Step 1: Gluing Tissue Paper

Apply a thin layer of glue to the canvas and attach Christmas tissue paper.

I prefer clear Elmer's Glue, but Mod Podge works too.

Step 2: Sanding Edges

Once the paper is dry, sand the edges to create a clean finish.

Now it's nice and clean no more rough edges!

Step 4: Creating Tree Base

Cut a triangle from brown paper, paint it green, and glue it onto the canvas.

You don't have to cover the tree all the way .

Step 5: Attaching Ornament

Glue the Christmas ornament on top of the painted green tree, using hot glue.

Step 6-8: Painting and Decorating

Paint the ornament's bell with brown paint, add cinnamon while wet, apply Elmer's Glue, and sprinkle with glitter for a rustic look.

You can do this if you want it rusty look.

I love the look it gives it.

I chose to use very fine glitter for this project.

Look how adorable it looks!

Step 9: Distressing the Sign

You can do this step before you add anything on the tissue paper but I always like to apply this step last .

Use brown ink or wax around the sign for an antique effect.

You can also use Brown paint for this step .

Step 10: Splatter Painting

Use an old toothbrush to create splatter effects with white and brown paint. Practice on a paper plate first.

I did the same thing with the brown paint . I like doing this with a dry toothbrush so I use two different toothbrushes for these steps.

Step 11: Finishing Touch

Apply hairspray to the sign and sprinkle fine glitter for a sparkling finish. It works well as an alternative to a spray sealer.


Admire the beautiful and festive outcome! Give it a try and follow us on our Facebook page for daily inspiration and new projects."

Note: The provided links lead to Amazon for fine glitter and sealer if you want to explore the exact items used in this project.

Happy creating!

Happy Creating!

Here are some links to some of the items I I used

Fine glitter


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