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DIY Fancy Spider

I love creating whimsical items !

These spiders fall perfectly in that category!

You need very little to create these fun little guys!

Supplies needed

• Christmas balls two different sizes

• pipe cleaner

.• hot glue

• glitter

I had picked these Christmas ornaments at a resale shop awhile back so these were perfect for this project!

I glued two together with hot glue .

While the glue was still wet I sprinkled some glitter around the seam.

I had some pipe cleaner that I had coffee dyed a while back also so I was ready to make their legs I cut my pipe cleaners to about 5 inches .

make them any size you want depending on the size of the ornaments you use.

I bent them like this .

Then I glued them to the back .

I glued 4 on each side .

Look how cute they are !

I decided to added a bow I made with Jude .

That's it !

Look how adorable they look on my Chicken Keeper Esmerelda!

Easy and Quick to make!

I hope you give these a try !

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