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DIY Faux Rice Paper

You know you always grab extra Brown Napkins when you get take out !

This is a perfect project to create with those!

I love this so much !

It creates such beautiful Faux Rice paper for your projects! At little cost !

You just need 5 items to create this .


• Brown Napkins

• Clear or regular Elmers Glue

• Parchment paper

• instant Coffee

• double sided tape

I gather my items and I start by taping my printer paper to my napkin .

I only use very little tape along the edges to hold my napkin to it so I can feed it through my printer .

Remember you want to only use a little tape .. I usually put one on each corner .

Once you do that you want to trim your napkin to be the same size of your printer paper.

Take your time trimming it so it's nice and straight!

Trim each side .

Then choose your digital print you want to use and print it .

Remember your napkin wants to be facing up when you feed it into the printer.

I do have a Lazer Printer .

I highly recommend it .

I purchased this digital letter print from Our Upcycle Life

Here is the link

Once I was done with my napkin being printed I mixed my glue , water and instant coffee .

• I used 1/4 Elmers Glue

• 1/8 water

• 1/2 of a packet of instant coffee

I mixed it altogether.

I then got a piece of parchment paper and put it on a tray .

If the parchment paper starts to curl you can use a little tape to hold it down .

Then I brushed my solution on the paper and then laid my napkin on it !

I used a paint brush to apply it on .

You can then add more solution as you need it .. but a little goes along way . Be carful as you apply it remember this is a napkin so apply a gentle touch ..

I then took a knife and just ran it down the side to make the edges a little more worn . To give it that old feel to it .

That's it !

How fun was that !

I then let it dry over night !

The next day it was dry and I carefully pulled it from the Parchment paper .

Take your time pulling it off .

Now it is ready for you to use !

Look how beautiful this is !

It really looks and feels like Rice Paper at a fraction of the cost !

I just love it !

I hope you give this a try. I know you will find so many uses for it !

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