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DIY Faux Watering Can

I love creating unique things !

So I decided to recycle this can and turn it into an adorable faux watering can !

Supplies you will need

• A can any size you choose

• A fun handle

• decorative napkin ,tissue paper or even pages from a book will work to for decoupaging

• E -6000 glue

• Hot Glue

• Mod Podge or Elmers glue

I took the label off my can .

I bent it some what to resemble a watering can with a spout.

I then drilled two hole where the handle would go .

I decoupaged my tissue paper .

I used Mod Podge on this project.

Once I was done I sanded off any excess tissue paper from the edges .

I had this handle for serval years ! I finally found the perfect project for it !

I used E -6000 and hot glue to secure it on .

The holes I had drilled helped hold it in place . Because this particular handle had two notches on it that screws had gone into it before.

I then took my ink and distressed the whole can it gave it a nice grunge look.

You don't have to do this if you don't want to !

This color was Basil Leaf .

I just love that look! 😀❤️

It really looks rusty ! Love it!

I add some embellishments like a rusty paper dollie peeking from the top along with an adorable little hang tag and these beautiful artificial flowers !

That's it look how adorable and inexpensive this project is !

I hope you look at empty cans differently and recycle them in a fun creative way !

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