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DIY Flag

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

If you are like me I love creating new things for my yard ! Especially this super easy adorable Flag! I’m pretty sure you have everything you need to make one of these !

I used up scrapes of material, lace and a braided type ribbon I had on hand.

The red material is a bandanna I had left over from something else.

I cut my pieces about 1 inch wide and about 24 inches long …

I used a wooden shutter slat for the wood base…. Before I put the strips on . I first painted it white when it dried I gave it a little sanding ..

Then with my glue gun I hot glued my strips on the back of the board

alternating between colors incorporating my lace and ribbon along with the material….

Once I was done I glued another thin piece of wood to the back to reinforce the material in place …. and make it look pretty and neat .

Then I cut a piece of material from a denim shirt I didn’t wear … it’s about 5 inches x 6 inches

I painted some stars on it .. I used these stencils I had from Chalk couture …

There is no set amount of stars …

Then I glued it to the front of my slat … I then drilled a hole on each side and added a wire for a hanger ! I’ll drop the link for my favorite wire I love to use !⬇️

So pretty!

There you have it a beautiful Flag for your yard. I love watching it blow in the wind ! I hope you love making this as much as I did!

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