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DIY Flowers

I just love ❤️ how something so simple can look so cute !

Also it was just so easy to create !

All you need is a few items !


• 4"Styrofoam Balls

• White Plastic Spoons

• Paint color of your choice

• Glitter

• Hot Glue

• Branches or dowels

I went ahead and cut my spoons and left about a 1/4 of an inch on the ends so I could push them into the styrofoam ball I added a little hot glue on each one ....

I recommend painting your ball first then doing this step .

I kind of did this step first with this one but the rest I painted first .

I used about 8 spoons per flower .

I painted this one Oatmeal.

I just love how simple these are !

I went ahead and painted the other flowers and while they were still wet I sprinkled some Diamond Dust on them to make them sparkle!

I love how they came out !

I used some branches from my yard for the stems .

Look how adorable!

I just love how they look peeking out of my plant !

They would be perfect just about anywhere you wanted a little whimsical touch !

Here is the paints I used

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