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DIY flowers with a Whisk and balloons!

I love flowers so when I can create them with inexpensive materials I jump at that chance !

I enjoy decorating outside but I also want to use items that will last awhile especially being exposed to the crazy weather we get here in Texas !

So this was perfect!

I use them in my year round tree .

I also love using them in my garland I have hanging outside my workshop door!

Supplies you will need

• Whisks

• Balloons

• Hot Glue

• Embellishments for the center of your flowers

You can use any size whisk you choose.

I picked these up at Dollar General

You can pick up Balloons in a lot of places Walmart, Hobby Lobby , Amazon, Party City, or Family Dollar!

This is such an easy flower to create . Pick the color balloon you want and slip them on each petal.

Once you slip your ballon's on you will need to pull the petals open .

This is what your flowers should look like !

You can use buttons or anything else you have for your center!

I love the center of this flower!

I used a piece of Bling and a lace rosette !

I love using whatever I have handy to create the center of the flowers!

Be creative you will surprise yourself at what you will come up with!

This is such a Budget friendly project!

You will want to make so many of these beauties!

These are just so much fun and beautiful!

Well here they are Flowers made with whisks and Balloons! perfect for your year round tree or any other place you want to display them!

I hope you give them a try !

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Happy creating!


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