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DIY Glass Garden Flower

I love Flowers! So of course I had to create these beautiful recycled glass plate and bowl flowers !

Especially living here in Texas it's hard to keep our plants thriving during the Hot Summer months !

These are perfect for that whimsical touch and best of all they don't need any watering! 😂

Supplies you need

• glass plates

Glass bowls whatever you can find that appeals to you !

I look for mine at resale shops, Garage sales any place you can find them at a reasonable price.

• paint whatever color you choose

• hot glue

• E-6000 glue

• an empty salt or pepper shaker

• dowel or rebar even a good solid branch will work too!

I picked the color orange and painted a circle about the width of the bowl I'm going to glue on .

I wanted it to have more of a Fall feel to this glass flower.

That's where you can get creative and pick whatever color paint you want to use .

While it was still wet I sprinkled a little diamond dust glitter to give it that extra sparkle!

It's already looking pretty!

I then used my E- 6000 glue and put it around the edge of my top bowl .

I gave it a nice thick layer and I also put a little hot glue here and there to help hold it in place while the E-6000 can dry.

For the best hold let this set for 24 to 48 hrs trust me if you let it set it will hold really well !

I decided to also glue my salt shaker to the back of my plate this will be for the dowel , branch or rebar you will use to stick outside ..

Do the same thing as before add the E-6000 and a little hot glue and then stick your salt shaker on .

I get these shakers at Dollar General usually 2 for $1 .

Once you glue this on find a place for you to let it set overnight.

It's done and ready to put outside ! I just love these !

I stuck mine out and it went through all of our Hot weather some days 110 degrees and it never came off .

That's why it's important to really let it set for 24 to 48 hrs I actually did mine for 48 hrs I wanted to make sure everything was dry !

I just love them ! I hope you give these a try !

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Here's a link for the E-6000 if you can't find it at your local stores.

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