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DIY large Ornament made with a tray

I love creating large ornaments, especially when they're budget-friendly, enabling you to create several. This project perfectly embodies both affordability and simplicity while resulting in a beautiful outcome.

Supplies you'll need:

  • A round tray from Dollar General

  • White and brown acrylic paint

  • A small piece of wood (I used a small sanding block)

  • A generously sized, festive ornament

  • Raffia for a rustic touch

  • Greenery to add a natural element

  • Snow Tex

  • Glitter I love using Diamond Dust

  • Faux Tin Tile from Family Dollar

  • Spray Sealer

I started by using a dinner plate as a pattern to cut a circle out of the Faux Tin Tile. Trace and cut it out, ensuring a perfect size.

I used a sharpie to trace out my circle.

Glue this circle onto the tray and apply a generous coat of white paint.

Let is dry for the next step .

Next, I used brown paint for a dry brush effect on the tray, enhancing the appearance of the beautiful patterns.

I love this already !

Look how pretty it already looks!

For the ornament's top, I repurposed an old sanding block, painting it brown and adding copper glitter for a sparkly finish.

You can use a small piece of wood styrofoam or anything else that will give you that look you need.

I love using this copper glitter on brown it just sparkles!

Beautiful you could never tell it was a plain sanding block !

I glued it to the ornament's top and reinforce with a small screw for extra stability.

I decided my Faux Tin circle needed trim, so I used my silicone mold with hot glue to create the decorative accents I needed to accomplish that.

I love this silicone mold! I have used it many times.

Once made, I glued these trims around the Tin circle, painting them white and applying brown in the same manner as the tray.

I then created a hanger using a wire hanger, bending it accordingly and attaching it to the top of the ornament.

This is the shape I made.

I then attached it to the top ! Since I used a sanding block I was able to squeeze the ends of the wire hanger on it . If you are using a wood block you will have to predrill the holes before putting the hanger on .

Before I attached my bow I did give the tray a coat of spray sealer .

I made a simple raffia bow with green and red raffia, attaching a festive Santa ornament.

I decided to secure the bow by making two small holes on the edge and tying it on then using a touch of hot glue.

Look how adorable!

I enhanced the ornament's beauty by gluing artificial greenery, adding Snow Tex, and sprinkling Diamond Dust for a magical touch.

That's it Congratulations now you know how to create one of these.

You can make several more at an incredibly low cost.

You've successfully crafted a beautiful ornament!

I love the simplicity and beauty of this project and hope you enjoy making these festive creations too!

You can see the trim I added to the circle it just finishes it off perfectly!

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Happy Crafting!

A few links for something's I used

Spray Sealer

Silicone mold

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