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DIY Light up Pumpkin with Floor cleaner container

Updated: Jun 24

Fall and Halloween are quickly approaching, which means we have to start creating all sorts of fun pumpkins. I now find myself looking at everything to see how I can transform it into a pumpkin! Lol. I’m always getting creative here at The Twirling Feathers, and I feel like I can get very creative with my Swiffer container.

You will need an empty Swiffer Container with a lid.

You will also need some orange spray paint, any orange you choose.

Just start spraying; I only used one coat.

Once you have painted all sides, let it dry... I didn’t paint the inside; you can if you want to.

Once it was dried, I cut out a face for my pumpkin! Be careful doing this; I used an X-acto knife; it has a sharp blade...

I wanted to tone down the orange a little, so I used Burnt Umber and did a light wash on the container.

I wanted to rusty it up a bit, so I used some Adhesive spray and then sprinkled some Cinnamon on it.

Then I sprayed it with a clear sealer while it was still wet; I sprinkled some orange/rust color glitter all over it.

It’s looking pretty cute!

I love using real pumpkin stems when I can, so I will usually dry my stems once I’m done using this beautiful real pumpkin. Since I have chickens, it won’t go to waste; they will get the soft pumpkin, and I’ll get the seeds and the stem to dry! So keep that in mind for your stems for next year...

This is one of last year's dried pumpkin stem! Perfect for this project!

You will need a little moss!

Once I glued the moss and attached my stem, I then affixed the flowers I had on hand, including some adorable little berry sprigs and a couple of fall leaves. Once I achieved the desired look, I gave it another light spray with adhesive spray and sprinkled a little more glitter on top. So cute!

I got these battery-operated lights, but you can use battery tea lights if you want to as well...

This is where that lid comes in handy; once you slip the lights in, then you pop the lid back on, and you are done!

You have just created the cutest pumpkin out of a Swiffer Container. Who would have thought how adorable this turned out! ❤️😀🎃

This is a must for the Fall season!

I’m always trying to strive to create budget friendly projects!

This is one of them !

All it takes is a little creativity and you are on your way to creating something beautiful! Happy crafting!

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The Twirling Feathers

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