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DIY Whimsical Owl

I love Creating Owls!

They are simply so much fun to design and put together!

The sky is the limit really!

Here's what I used to put this cutie together!

• Metal Pie plate

• lids from different containers I recycled along the way.

• A black rusty clip

• Hot Glue

• E -6000

• artificial flowers

• moss

• raffia

• brown paint

• cinnamon

• clear acrylic spray sealer

I used Brown Paint and Cinnamon to give it that Rusty look.

Once it was dry I gave it a light coat of Acrylic spray sealer that keeps the cinnamon from falling off and makes it look rusty!

You don't have to do this cinnamon step but I love the look it creates!

I went ahead and gave him some whimsical eyebrows with a piece of 20 gage rusty wire.

I used a little E-6000 and Hot glue to hold them in place .

I used different pieces I had like this unique piece that was from a light fixture! It was perfect for one of his eyes .

I again used the E-6000 and Hot glue combination to hold it in place !

The other eye was a lid from an old mason jar . Again using the same glue combination.

This little lid was from a teapot I picked up at a resale shop.

I love stacking different pieces to create his fun and whimsical eyes that's what gives him his fun look!

This lid already had that little knob in the center so it created the perfect pupil !

This was a lid from a jar that I grudged with Brown paint and Cinnamon.

His eyes are almost done ! He is looking adorable already !

I used these two small gears for his other pupil . I stacked them on top of each other .

I used this rusty clip for his nose .

I used these awesome looking rusty hinges for his feet . I went ahead and screwed it to this branch...

So darn cute !

You can stop here and leave him like this ! Or you can add the greenery and flowers if you choose! Either way he is to cute!

I went ahead and added some moss ..

I also added some artificial greenery .

I just love it !

I also added some pretty flowers!

I got these flowers at Dollar General but I also noticed recently that Family Dollar has put similar ones out as well!

Here you have it look how adorable this Owl is !

I did add a rag bow with a little raffle and a cute tag!

I did drill a hole at the top of the pan so I could put a hanger on it ...

If you don't have a drill you can hammer a nail through it to make the hole ....

I hope you give this a try !

They will all turn out unique and one of a kind especially if you recycle lids and other items you choose to incorporate into your creation!


Here is the spray sealer I like to use

Some of the rusty items I did get from

Her items are awesome!

Some of the other pieces like the hinges I rusted myself!

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