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DIY Pumpkin Book Art

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

If you love decorating for Fall as much as I do !

Then you will need to make serval of these beautiful Pumpkins made from books!

They will be one of your favorite Fall decor pieces!

These are so much fun to make!


• Book

• Orange paint

• Green paint

• A branch or a dried Pumpkin stem

• Hot Glue

• Glitter

• Ribbon • Exceisor Moss


You will need about 40 pages or so .

Try to keep the Binding together when you remove the pages from the book.

I used two sections of about 40 pages .

I started folding the pages over and glued them in clusters of 5 to 10 pages ..

Don't worry about having an exact count just try to make it even .

Once you finish both section you will be able to glue both sections together.

This will create your pumpkin!

For the smaller pumpkin just cut the pages in half and do the same thing as you did for the larger pumpkin.

Now you can glue your stem!

I used these wooden stems I got from Dollar Tree . You can also get them from your yard or Amazon .

I then deluded some orange paint with water and put it in a spray bottle!

I sprayed both my pumpkins!

I love that uneven look....

While they were drying I made my roses .

I cut my page in half and then cut it this way in a spiral.

Then I started rolling it and added a little glue as I went along.

These are pretty simple to make ! Fun too!

I added a little of Rub n Buff Gold Leaf on my Roses and my leaves .

I also cut my leaves from my book page ...

I deluded green in water too and I brushed it on my leaves .

Make it as dark or as light as you want .

I let them dry ...

These Roses are so pretty!

I made about 6 if you don't use all of them you can save for another project!

I put a little Exceisor moss around the top of each of my pumpkins! I also brushed a little green on it to !

I then added some ribbon around my pumpkins and glued it together on the back .

I used a piece of material on the other pumpkin.

I also added a pretty piece of silver cord ribbon .

You can embellish it whichever way you want .

Then I added my roses and leaves ... You can arrange it the way you like !

I also added a little bit of tiny orange flowers I had on hand ....

I then gave it a light spray of acrylic spray then sprinkled some Diamond Dust glitter on the top of each pumpkin!

They are just so pretty and so much fun to make !

I hope you give these beauties a try !

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Here are some links to some of the items I used.

Rub n Buff

Exceisor moss

Wood stems

Diamond dust Glitter

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