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DIY pumpkin from a recycled glitter container

I love recycling containers when I can !

This one was so perfect for this pumpkin!

This was my empty jar of my Diamond Dust glitter it just was calling out to me and so a pumpkin it became! 😀🎃

Here's the supplies I used!

• A empty container

• Wood burning tool

• Dixie Belle Peacock

• Dixie Belle Florida Orange

• assorted flowers of your choosing

• moss

• ink

I love this wood burning tool for so many projects but today it was perfect to cut out my pumpkin face since the jar was pretty thick I didn't want to use anything else to cut it ...

I drew a face outline to help guide me as I cut it out .

It worked perfectly! Just be very careful using a Wood burning tool because it gets pretty hot and use it in a ventilated area.

I took my Peacock paint and painted the outside .

Once dried I painted the inside orange!

Remember you can use whatever shades of paint you like!

I used this adorable glass knob for the stem but you can use anything you want! ( a branch, a wine cork, or a dried pumpkin stem)

I love how this is looking!

So I took my ink and rubbed it all over my pumpkin for that grunge look!

I love that but if you don't like it just skip this step!

It's so cute!

I didn't have any moss on hand so I decided to make some filled I could use by cutting strips of paper!😀

This worked perfectly!

I scrunched it up and I had my moss for the top of my pumpkin I really love that look!

Also less messy! 😂

I then glue it on so cute!

I proceeded to embellished the top with what I had on hand !

Little pumpkins and sweet little flowers !

A few dried wildflowers to these are from my yard!

I popped in some lights and there you have it!

So adorable and really budget friendly!

I hope you give this super easy SUPER cute pumpkin a try!

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Here's a few links for some items I used .

Wood burning tool

Ink pad

This is a different one from the picture I showed but I have this one too!

It's just as good!

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