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DIY Pumpkin from oval trays

I just can’t enough Pumpkins! When I saw these Oval Trays at Dollar General I knew exactly what I was going to create with them ! This is super easy to make! This can stay out throughout Thanksgiving which makes it pretty fun! The supplies are pretty simple !

•3 Oval trays I got mine from Dollar General they were $1.00 each. •Hot Glue •Some Ribbon

•Whatever flowers/ mini pumpkins, Fall leaves

• Paint sticks

•Spray paint any Orange


•Zip Ties

•Spain moss


I laid two trays side by side and then glued two Paint sticks across to hold them .

Next I turned it over and glued the next tray directly on top of the other two .. Use a good amount of glue and apply it towards the middle of the back trays so the top tray is pretty secure.

I used this orange spray paint! You can either spray your trays individually before you glue them or after …. I chose to spray them after …

I only applied one coat because I knew I was going to cover it with cinnamon!

Then I grabbed my spray adhesive and cinnamon..

I gave it a good coat of adhesive then sprinkled my cinnamon on it..

Then I sprayed it with a clear sealer.

I looked for a cool Branch for the stem and glued it on .

I grabbed all the ribbons I wanted to use along with a couple of Zip Ties.

I cut my ribbon about 10 to 12” and I cut two of each color … you can cut them which ever length you want … I like cutting mine a little longer so my bow isn’t two small…

I just started crisscrossing my ribbons.

When I was done I added a little raffia on top.

Then I used my Zip Tie to tie everything together!

Before I pulled it tight I slipped another Zip Tie in the back so I can use that one to attach my bow on to my pumpkin stem…

I didn’t want the Zip Tie to show so I cut a piece of ribbon to cover it. These little tricks is what make your item look even my adorable and finished looking!

I folded my piece in half.

i tied it on, making it look nice and finished!

Then I went ahead and trimmed all my ribbon ends to a Dove Tail cut .

And here is my fun whimsical bow!

So I have glued my stem to the back of my Pumpkin…. And I also glued the Spain moss to the front .

I glued in my Fall Berries! I kept my arrangement simple!

Then I attached my Bow! That’s it ! And now you have this adorable Pumpkin for just a few Dollars! It will look great on your Fireplace mantle! Or any where else you want to place it!

I hope you give this a try ! It turned out really adorable!

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