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DIY Pumpkin made with biodegradable pots

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

I always say you can never have enough Pumpkins! These are so cute you must make a few !

I used biodegradable pots so these are indoor only … I love how the roughness of the pots give it that grudge look! I’m all about that!

You will need some of these pots you can get them in the garden section at Walmart, Home depot, Amazon or any garden center…. Here’s a link for them on Amazon..

I also spray painted mine I use Pumpkin Orange you can also paint them by hand it’s whatever you choose to do … I used these cute branches for my stems… You can cut them from your trees, or purchase them …

I sprayed them outside they dried super quick!

I used Black for the facial features.

I just freehanded the face on there… It’s super easy don’t stress over it keep it fun and easy!

I then used white for a few highlights…

I gave him a couple of teeth and a little highlight on the eyes and nose! Simple and fun!

I then used a little Burnt Umber to add a little antique look to the face you can actually do this before you paint the face details…I normally do but I forgot but it’s all good you just go with the creative flow!

Just add a little water to your paint on your paint plate or tray whatever you are using to have your paint on…. water it down when you do this you just want a little paint…

That’s it ! Super cute!

I then used a little Spanish moss for the top of the pumpkin! You can pick this up at Walmart crafting area, Hobby Lobby or Amazon here’s a link for it!

I decided how much I wanted then I glued it I used my glue gun for this….

Then I glued my stem too. So cute!

I then got my old tooth brush and added a little Burnt Umber paint on it and speckled the paint on it by running my thumb across it .. I used a little paint at a time….

I then sprayed it with a little adhesive spray and sprinkled glitter on it ….

This is a copper color … you can pick up glitter at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Amazon here’s a link for it…

These are adorable!

These are just tooo cute! So go crazy let your creative mind have fun and make these little cuties you will love them ! Join our group Creating with the Twirling Feathers on Facebook! And show us your creations!

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