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DIY Pumpkin with embroidery hoop and aluminum cookie tray…

I love Fall and I especially love creating Pumpkins from unique items!

You can never have too many of them ! 😀

This is a super fun and easy project!

Here is what you will need ! ⬇️

• Aluminum cookie trays I picked up at Dollar General 2 for a Dollar.

• ‘Embroidery Hoop whatever sign you want .

• Fall Scrapbook paper

• Moss

• Canvas

• Stem for your pumpkin…

I love drying stems from pass real pumpkins…

Also dried pepper stems work great too!’

• Glue Gun

I cut the edge off…. Be carful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges.

I then traced out my pieces using the embroidery hoop .

I then sandwiched everything together! With the embroidery hoop!

Once I had it in the hoop… I just gave it a light wash of Orange…. I actually used Spiced Pumpkin I love this color for Fall … You can get it here on Amazon or you can see if Walmart has it …. But really any orange will work ….

For my Stem I used a Pepper Stem I dried out a few weeks prior and gave it a light coat of green paint.

You can use a Branch, or even a Wine Cork for a stem whatever suits you!

I then added a little Spanish Moss!

This is what you should have so far !

I then added a little greenery… I believe I bought this greenery at Hobby Lobby a while ago…

You can also check on Amazon here’s a link for some I have gotten before…⬇️

Also Walmart, Family Dollar, or Dollar General has greenery as well.

I then added a little Raffia!

I love making things look Rusty, Grungy old…

So I used my favorite short cut to make that happen!

Cinnamon and some Hair Spray…. I sprayed my pumpkin with Hair Spray while still wet I sprinkled some cinnamon…

I let it dry then I gave it a coat of sealer you can use brush on or spray sealer!

Here are my favorites to use ⬇️

I took my canvas and lightly gave it a coat of orange paint.. It was very light more water then paint…

Once dried I used my Brunt Umber paint ( Brown) to give it a little distressing to the canvas ….

These are the colors I used … Use what ever brown and orange you have on hand…

Then I hot glued my pumpkin to the canvas.

I took an old tooth brush and speckled some Brown paint on my canvas!

I love the look it gives it !

Hold on to a few old tooth brushes for this purpose !

I love glitter so I sprayed my moss with a little sealer and sprinkled some on !

You don’t have to do this but why wouldn’t you! Lol 😂

There you go !

Super Fun and Super Cute!

Have fun being creative!

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