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DIY Rabbit Hat

Creating is my passion and with each new project uncontainable excitement, arises and I find myself fully immersed in the exhilarating process of creating a delightful spring item like this Whimsical Bunny Hat with ears !

The sheer joy of being able to craft vibrant and refreshing pieces is really undiscribable. Each project becomes a canvas for my enthusiasm, and hopefully I can pass that on to you!

Supplies you will need to create this project.

• Soup Can

• an old sweater or material of your choosing

• brown paper bag

• white paint

• pink paint

• glitter

• piece of cardboard or any stiff paper you can use

• hot glue

• embellishments of your choosing

• mega hold hair spray or clear sealer

• poly filler or cotton balls

If you don't have some of the things I mentioned look around what you have I'm sure you can find something else to substitute it .

For my rim of my Bunnies hat I cut out a round circle out of watercolor paper it was pretty stiff so I knew it would work perfectly!

This is where you can use a piece of cardboard .

Then I removed my label off my can washed it out .

Then I went ahead and glued my material on it .

I used an old light weight sweater I had that I picked up at a resale shop .

I covered my can using hot glue to hold it down I just ran the glue around the top and bottom of the can .

I then tucked the bottom edge when glueing it in . That gives you a nice finish edge.

I covered my rim the same way .

I did both sides .

Glue as you go .

Once that was done o gave it an even trim .

Then I covered the top of my can too!

There you have it!

So cute already !

Look what a soup can some cardboard and material can do!

I then moved on to cutting my ears.

I freehanded the shape I wanted on a paper bag !

I cut 4 of them .

Once they were cut I went ahead and glued them together.

But before I glued them all the way around I filled them with a little filler .

You only need very little if you don't have any on hand you can also use cotton balls .

That's what I used I pulled them apart a little and stuffed it . I use 3 cotton balls per ear.

Then you can glue the rest of it .

You can then trim any uneven parts if you need to .

I did use a thin stick to help put the filling in .

You don't want to over stuff .

I then gave my ears one light coat of white paint.

I didn't want it solid so some brown from the bag could show through .

You can do it which ever way you would like.

Then I painted the center of the ears light pink .

You can also mix red and white together to make your own pink if you don't have any on hand .

I had these beautiful paper doilies on hand so I used them to embellish the bottom of the hat . I cut them in half and went all the way around it.

So pretty !

I then glued my ears on !

I took my brown wax and I grunged it up a little I love that look but you can skip that step if you like .

I also have this watercolor set on hand!

I love it my daughter gave it to me awhile back !

I use it a lot for watercolor projects but also for when I need a little quick color on something like the ears on this project!

I then cut up some strips of material and I used my watercolor set again just to give these pieces some color here and there!

I love how it came out!

I then made my loopy bow !

Then I glued it on along with a beautiful brooch I had to add that whimsical look!

I got my mega hold hair spray and my glitter and sprinkle it on my hat .

This alway works well especially with the micro fine glitter!

There you have it

I just love ❤️ it !

I also had to highlight my girls beautiful pastel eggs that they lay it was a perfect combination for this picture!

the side of the hat ! So cute !

I hope you give this beautiful whimsical Bunny Hat a try !

Please make sure you are following us on Facebook for daily inspiration and crafting ideas!

Happy creating!

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