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DIY Rag Heart decor

I am always looking for FUN and EASY projects to bring to you ! I am always creating here at The Twirling Feathers and I simply love every moment of that process! This Rag Valentine Heart collage is so much fun to create! It can be left out all year long ! So it doesn’t just have to be for Valentine! Here’s what I used to create this….

Aluminum cookie sheet ( I got mine from Dollar General )

Now for the heart I created my own by using a Styrofoam ball and a regular piece of styrofoam… so it did make it a little more challenging to create but to save you lots of time see if you can get a dimensional heart

Here’s a link for one

you can also get them at the Dollar store if they have any … or you can make one like I did …

First I went a head and cut the trim off of my cookie sheet… it’s about 12” long x 9” wide you can make it whatever size you want ….

I cut my styrofoam ball in half.

Then I cut the other piece of styrofoam for the bottom of the heart … I played around with it until it was a shape I liked….

I started hot gluing it once I liked the way it looked and I also filled all the nooks and crannies with pieces of styrofoam to fill it in…

Do this pretty much was the longest part of this project…. So if you want to save time get a heart that’s all ready done! Lol

So once everything was glued I went ahead and painted my aluminum with my Antique White … I wanted to paint it after I glued my heart down because I didn’t want to take a chance on my heart peeling off the aluminum tray if I painted it all before I glued the heart down .. So I painted it around the glued heart… I hope that makes sense to you…

Then I went ahead and used my Burnt Umber and Antiqued the white lightly…

I then chose the material I was going to use and I cut pieces 2”x 2” I didn’t keep track of how many pieces I cut I just kept adding my pieces and cutting more as I went along….

I used a wooden stick to poke my pieces into the styrofoam.

Wrap the material around the stick and start poking them in you can add a drop of hot glue on the end if you want to … but I didn’t except for maybe in areas that I thought may need a little..

Just have fun and you will see your heart come to life!

It is just so cute!

I had these adorable little wooden birds so I decided to use one . I decoupaged some news print tissue on it…..I used Mod Podge but you can use Elmer’s glue too..

I got the newsprint tissue at Hobby Lobby … You can also use book pages, or even music pages ….

Once it was dried I lightly sanded off the edges …

I glued it on with hot glue… I then used some lace rose ribbon I had and glued it on each end of the aluminum piece … You can use what ever you want to make your unique to you!

I love using these little wooden blocks to spell out words… I also love using keys I ordered these from Amazon

I spelt Love and glued it on…

I made a real easy bow and tied my key on ….

I had made this little ladder a long time ago with paint sticks and shims which I will do another how to Blog for it soon…. It fit perfectly as a stand for my Heart decor so I glued it on … you can use an easel if you want or hang it on the wall by adding a little jude cord the Aluminum sheet is soft enough for you to punch a couple of holes to attach the Jude cord for a hanger…

I added a couple of cute paper flowers I punched out with my flower punch that I absolutely love ! I glued a couple of pearl beads to them to !

There you have it simply adorable! I sure do hope you give it a try! come join the fun with us on FB Creating with The Twirling Feathers

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