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DIY Roses made from egg cartons

I love Roses so I had to create these beautiful flowers from Egg Cartons

The texture of the carton complements the Roses perfectly!

This is a fun and easy flower to create .

Supplies you will need

• Egg Carton the cardboard kind

• Hot Glue

• Whatever color paint you want to use

I went ahead and took the egg carton and split it in half .

I then took the cups apart.

I took the cup and split it into 4 petals I tore them apart you can use the scissors to do this if you want .

This is what it should look like .

You should have two of them .

You need to glue them together .

Make sure when you glue them you have the petals between each other.


I removed the long strip from the carton to use for the center of the Rose .

This is what you should have .

I then took the strip and started rolling it in I

I roll with the wording from the carton facing inward.

I then let it unvavel a little bit before I glue it in the center of my flower.

Look how pretty it is!

I then bent the petals out a little!

I just love these Roses.

I made all of these with one egg carton!

I used watercolor paints to paint these!




These are just so beautiful!

Well here they are these Roses are so perfect for so many projects!

I hope you give them a try !

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Happy creating!

Here's a link for the Watercolor paints!

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