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DIY transforming a Baking Spatula to a Snowman Shovel

This is such a fun DIY! You will enjoy this one! It’s easy and pretty fun to do!

•You will need a Large Spatula, I found this one in the Cake supply Baking area of Dollar General but I’m sure Walmart and Amazon have them too!

•You will need some paint


•Snow Tex

I used Burnt Umber to paint my spatula brown.

I did front and back . I also did 2 coats of paint let them dry in between.

You can get these from Amazon here’s a link for them

you will use these to paint the body of the snowman!

I used white for the body.

Use the different sizes for your body.

I added very light cheeks with my red paint.

I used my Burnt orange for the nose. I used Black for The face details along with the hat and outlines.

Use my picture as a guide for you to paint the details…

I used this purple for the scarf but you can use any color you want.

He’s starting to look rather Dapper! Lol

I used Burnt Umber for the arms.

I then used this yellow for the band on his hat.

I took my brown and a little white to lighten up the color to make my Tree .

I used some green for the needles on the tree.

I then did a little line work with white on the scarf and on his arms just to highlight them a little.

I then added dots by using the end of a narrow brush to my tree. I also did a little line work with the white at the bottom.. you don’t have to do this seen it will be covered by the Snow Tex but I did it anyway!

I used my Favorite Snow! Snow Tex to create the snow. I just used a scruffy brush to apply it on… while still wet I sprinkled some glitter on it! Here’s a link for it.

Then I used an old brush dipped it in white paint to create the splattering effect . Just run your thumb over it .

Once I was I sprayed it with a sealer and sprinkled a little more Glitter! You can never have enough Glitter! Lol

I tied a fun ribbon and thats it! How cute is that!

I hope you give this a try ! It will look so adorable tucked into your Christmas tree! Or on your mantle! Happy Crafting!

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