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DIY your own Natural Handmade candles with Crackle Wicks

If you have been following me for a while you know I love recycling and creating things that are useful and beautiful for your home or as a perfect Gift for anyone on your list !

These handmade scented candles with crackle wicks are so easy to made !

This is such an excellent gift idea! Or perfect to sell at your craft fairs too!

Supplies you will need:

  1. recycle a large tuna fish can

  2. Wax can combine all your left over wax from your candles that hasn't burned all the way .. or purchase candle wax to use .

  3. Cackle wicks

  4. Print or napkin of your choice to decoupage on your tin can

  5. Elmers Glue , or Mod Podge

  6. Chalk paint your choice of color

  7. Ink pad to use for antiquing

I went ahead and removed the tuna fish label from the can and washed it well .

Then I gave it a coat of my choice of paint which was Folk Art chalk paint Sheepskin .

I decided to use a sheet of music paper that I had created to look like faux rice paper .

Here's a link to my Facebook video showing how I did that ..

I tore it about the size I needed for my can .

I also used my ink pad to grunge it up some to.

I used this glue because that's what I had on hand .

I worked one section at a time smoothing out the glue with a paintbrush before adding my print on .

Once I finish the whole can I let it dry then lightly sanded any excess paper around the top and bottom of the can .

I love this little sanders it's perfect for small areas !

I set the tin can aside once it was done and started working on my wax .

I had a great store bought candle but it would never stay lit so I decided to melt it to use on my handmade candle I was creating .

It had a wonderful scent already so I set it in a pot with water and let it melt on low heat .

I also realized it wouldn't be enough wax so I added some Scentsy wax I also had to create more wax !

It was scented also and both scented really complimented each other!

I melted it all the way until it was clear then I added my other wax too.

I then added my Crackle Wick .

They are very easy to work with!

I then trimmed the wick and let it dry .

These are just soooo much fun to create the sky is the limit on how you want to make these!

These Handmade candles with Crackle Wicks are beautiful and a unique addition to your home!

They offer a soothing sound and a clean burning flame that can create a peaceful atmosphere.

So whether you're looking for a special gift or simply want to add a touch of relaxation to your own space , handmade candles with Crackle Wicks are definitely worth trying out!

Happy Crafting!

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