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Elegant Roses made with tissue paper

I love roses and when I discover a new way to create them I'm all over it !

These are just so elegant and can be used in so many places !

Experiment with different papers . Wrapping tissue paper will be the softest to work with !

Supplies you will need

• Tissue paper

• empty roll of bathroom paper or anything you decide to use .

I have made smaller ones with a salt shaker.

So try different things and see how they come out!

• Hot Glue

I take my sheet of tissue and fold it like this .

I then cut it in half .

This is really the only time I use scissors.

I then just start ripping my tissue paper into a circle I love the look it gives me .

I do that with all the pieces.

They should look like this .

Pretty quick and easy !

I then start placing my petals on the tube .

I don't glue the first one because I don't want to have it stick to the container.

I then start putting a dot of hot glue and add on the next petal.

I just keep adding my petals. I really don't have an exact amount of petals I just eyeball it as I go.

These roses become addictive once you start creating them !

Just keep layering the tissue.

The more rounds of tissue you add the center will eventually close up .

This is how your rose should look.

Tissue paper is softer to work with so it fills the rose really nicely!

Once your rose is nice and full put a bead of glue around the edge so you can glue a piece of tissue there.

I glued a round piece of tissue to the back of the rose to give it a finished look!

Look how beautiful these roses are!

That's it! I love these roses and I'm so happy to share how to create them with you!

I hope you get creative and give these beautiful roses a try !

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Tissue paper

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