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Grunge pumpkin hanging sign

I love Fall and all the feels it brings!

You know how much I love creating signs! 😀🎃

Well look at this Rusty Grunge Pumpkin goodness right here! 👀😮

I just love how this came out !

I have to give a shout out to The Vintage Pebble I was inspired by her beautiful sign and she also has the down load for this picture that I used for free!

Go check her out ! She’s does some awesome stuff too!

I get so excited when I discover other creators that love similar things like I do ! 😀🎃❤️

Here's how I did mine!


• aluminum cookie pan. I got mine from Family Dollar

•print out from The Vintage Pebble on Facebook she has it located in her Menu

•Mod Podge


•brown paint I used Burnt Umber

•rope for the handle

Print out your picture.... I printed mine in black and white then I used coloring pencils to color mine in ... you can print yours in color if you want to ....

Go ahead and cut the edges off .

Be careful because the edges are sharp use gloves while cutting if you want to ...

This is what you should have when you are done trimming the edges!

You can now tear the edges of your picture. So it gives it a more vintage look.

You can also use this metal paper tearing rule !

Here's a link for the one I like to use if I don't do it by hand ...

Then I carefully fold my edges all around my tray ...

This step is totally up to you ...

I like making my paper thinner so I put clear packing tape on the back in strips and cover the whole paper pressing it down with the edge of a credit card to make sure it's stuck on there good!

Then I carefully start pulling the tape off from the last strip and work my way up to the top ...

If you have never done this then practice on a separate piece of paper before you do the one you have for your project....

This technique makes it nice and thin so it blends in nicely and doesn't look thick on your tray ....

Now you are ready to adhere your picture to you tray I used Mod Podge.

I applied a thin even coat on the back of my picture and set it in place on my tray .

Now you are ready to use your brown paint....

I dipped my brush in water and then in a little brown paint and gave it a wash of it very lightly I also dipped my brush in a little cinnamon every so often to start giving it that grunge look ....

While my picture was drying a little I got my wooden shims and cut them to fit my tray.

They cut pretty easy..

one side is more narrow then the other so I used my heavier scissors to cut them!

I glued one at the top and one at the bottom.

I used Hot Glue ..

This project does take a little time but it's well worth it ... I then added a little more Mod Podge with more cinnamon ..

Remember you can stop making it grunge at anytime...

So I went ahead and painted my shims Antique White

Then when dried I put a layer of Elmer's glue for that crackling effect.... then I covered it with burnt umber!

I let it dry for that glorious crackle effect!

Love it!

I made mine pretty grunge! I kept adding the cinnamon and Mod Podge!

I am now ready for my bow!

Make your bow which ever way you would like !

I love making this simple bow just by cutting strips then crisscrossing them and then tying it in the middle!

I adding a little bling !

So pretty!

The Bling I got from Totally Dazzled it's a Shabby Tree item they are now carrying....

I then glued a hanger on the back !

You can use twine, rope or wire..

Once I was done I gave it a coat of spray sealer and glued my bow on !

I simply love how it turned out !

I hope you give it a try !

You can use any picture you like really ..

if you make one please post it to our crafting page !

Creating with The Twirling Feathers!

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