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Harvest Moon Pumpkin

I love creating unique and fun Pumpkins like this fellow right here!

I especially love using my cinnamon technique to create a rusty looking pumpkin like this one!

You will want to make one too!

Just follow my easy steps and you will have one too!


• Plastic Pumpkin

• Empty Oatmeal container or a Tin Can for the top of the hat

• round flat piece of wood or you can use a dinner plate to trace out a round circle from cardboard.

• hot glue

• sealer in a can or spray sealer

• Black paint

• paint brush

• cinnamon

• glitter

• material for band around hat and bow

• tag

• any other thing you want to use to embellish your hat

I have this pumpkin on hand that desperately needed a makeover.

I took my Black paint and painted all my pieces.

I only used one coat .

You might need two coats just play it by ear, it will probably depend on the paint you use .

You can also spray paint them if you choose to .

Once I got them painted I let them dry .

I didn't take the label off my oatmeal container I just painted right over it .

I used this flat piece of wood for the brim of my hat .

I painted it black also both sides.

This is where you can cut one out of cardboard if you want you can use a dinner plate as your template to trace one off .

I'll also drop a link below for these wooden circles if you choose to use this instead.

Then I got my Minwax sealer and my cinnamon.

You can pick up Cinnamon very inexpensivly at Dollar General, Family Dollar or Walmart..

Don't use your good cinnamon for this project.

For me this is my trick for having a really nice Faux Rusty finish is by using this liquid sealer !

Yes you can use Spray Sealer, or even Mod Podge, or Glue but for me this is the best and it lasts such a long time . I have projects I made a year or more ago and they look beautiful!

Remember if you use the liquid sealer pour some in a separate container so you are not getting cinnamon in your main container...

So I like to work in sections while the sealer is wet I sprinkle the cinnamon.

I do this to the whole container.

Then I move on to my wooden circle.

Then I do the same thing to my pumpkin!

Make sure you do this over some paper towels or wav paper so you can shake the loose cinnamon back in the container..

Once I'm done I come back with a coat of Sealer if you are using the liquid sealer this is where you will be patting the sealer on a section at a time .

You don't want to brush it back and forth you just want to gently pat it on .

While that sealer is still wet I love sprinkling my Diamond Dust glitter on you don't have to do this but I just love that look !

I do this with all the pieces ..

After doing each piece set them a side to dry .

You can see it already looks rusty and it is still wet ..

I sprinkled my glitter on my pumpkin ! I just love it !

Once everything was dried I hot glued my hat together then glued it to my pumpkin !

So cute!

I also love having coffee dyed material and tags on hand it makes creating much easier .

I used a piece of this cheese cloth for the band of my hat .

Then I used my Bowdabra to make my bow even though I can make bows without it .

I do love using it!

I used strips of material I had .

I then added a little raffia and my grunge tag that I had written Harvest Moon !

So that was a perfect name for this cutie!

I glued my bow and tag on and I had an adorable ceramic black crow so I just sat him on the rim of the hat '

I popped some battery operated fall leaves twinkle lights in him and there he is !

Here he is with some house lights off!

I hope you enjoy making one for yourself!

Remember you can be creative with just about anything!

Make sure you are folly's on Facebook.

Happy Creating!

Here are a few links for some of the items I used


Wooden discs

Here is my Amazon shop I am always adding fun supplies that I love using there too!

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