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Here is a list of Gift ideas for everyone on your list this Holiday Season!

Just like you, I am preparing for the holidays and I love finding ideas for everyone on my list and I wanted to share my finds with you!

I will list some items from different places that I trust and love with you in hopes that it will help you find awesome things for everyone on your list too! .

Ok so the first place I would highly recommend is The Twirling Feathers!

Lol yes you guessed it that's my Etsy Shop ! I do have a great selection of items that are perfect for someone or everyone on your list !

My items are unique and very whimsical and if I do say so myself adorable!

Here's the Link


Ok the next one is The Shabby Tree Boutique

I love the selection of unique and fun clothing she carries along with very fun and whimsical home decor!

I have purchased many items from this boutique and have never been disappointed!

Here's a link to her shop!


The next one is also an awesome Boutique!

Plenty of adorable clothes and awesome jewelry!

These next items I have gotten from Amazon!


You know you always gets those great ideas in there so write them down so you don't forget them!

Here's the link to it!


The next one is pretty awesome this is great for Real Estate ladies especially if you are showing houses and have to walk on grass or gravel and you don't want to ruin your heels!

Also perfect for anyone wearing heels and want them protected ....

here's a couple of links for them !


The next one is pretty fun and very useful

Especially if they love Tacos this is a perfect holder for them !

Here's a link for them !


The next one I use very often ! and simply love it !

My Bread Machine!

It's affordable and works like a charm!

Here is a link to it !


The next one is a life saver as well I love this oven it is perfect for cooking smaller meals and you don't have to use you regular oven when this one does it all!

I have no complaints about it whatsoever!

Here's a link to this one!


This one is my favorite Perfume! I'm very picky when it comes to smells!

I love this one it's so light and very pleasant..... I always get complaints on it!

Here's a link to it!


This one is my last item for now !

It's my Extendable selfie stand!

I have purchased many different ones and I have never been happy with them !

Until this one !!! it really does everything it says it does!

This is a great one! For sure I'm so glad I got it!

Here's the link to it!


I have many more suggestions but for now I feel these are great to check out and see if they will fit anyone on your list !

Happy Shopping!

If you shop at the Boutiques let them know I sent you!

Follow me on Facebook for more designs listed daily!

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