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Hydrangea Carrot decor

Updated: Feb 17

I have been seeing these adorable Hydrangea Carrots everywhere so I thought I must give it a try ! I was at Family Dollar and I saw these amazing artificial Hydrangea!

The color was perfect for this project! So I had to grab them ! I’m always looking for Fun, Easy and Unique items to create and share with you! This project is inexpensive and easy to make ! That’s what I love about it ! You don’t have to break the bank every time you want to change your Seasonal decor! I hope you give this one a try!


  1. will need 6 Orange Hydrangeas you can pick them up at Walmart , Hobby Lobby, Amazon I got these at Family Dollar for a Dollar each ...

  2. green fern springs you can get them at Hobby Lobby , Walmart and Amazon... I already had the ones I used they were from Hobby Lobby!

  3. Burlap Ribbon

  4. Scissors

  5. Wire Cutters

  6. wire for the hanger in the back

  7. Zip ties

I got these at Family Dollar

One Spring from the Family Dollar has 6 small individual springs...

I cut the stems apart removed the leaves and put them back together to form the clusters again .... If you get your flowers at Hobby lobby Amazon or Walmart they will be one flower together.... Either way it will still work I wanted to go the inexpensive route to see if it would work and it did ...

You will now put two bunches together I used Zip Ties! !!! I love those things!

You will now add two more bunches ... You should have 4 so far ....

Now add one more to form the point at the top of your carrot 🥕!

Before you add your greener trim the stems from the Hydrangeas....

I zip tied the greenery together.

Then I zip tie them to my carrot!

It sure is looking pretty! 😀

Then I cut my burlap ribbon... I cut 3 pieces... 10 inch, 9 inch, and 8 inch then I stacked them on top of each other ... and Zip tied them together...

Before I tighten it I slipped another tie across to be able to attach it on to my carrot 🥕!

I then cut a narrow piece of burlap to tie around the center of my bow to cover the zip ties...

I then attacked it to my carrot 🥕!

I then got a piece of wire to make my hanger and attached to the back of my carrot 🥕 also make sure you trim all the zip ties!

I did spray mine with an adhesive spray and sprinkled glitter on it but thats totally up to you!

I hope you give this fun Project a try !

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Here are some links for some of the items I used ! greenery

Burlap ribbon

Zip ties

wire cutters

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