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Lacy Screen Frames

I just love the look of Lace especially on a frame! I read that in the olden days when women wanted to let the fresh air in and not so much the mosquitos they would create these Beautiful Lacey Frames to place in their windows ....It also was a nice touch of privacy when the windows were open !

Supplies you will need

Lace you can find some nice lace panels or curtains in resale shops or even garage sales! A frame any size you choose to use ! Resale shops and thrift stores are good places to find some nice old frames!

Remember think outside the box you can use any frame you like !

So for the square frame I used for This Blog I went ahead and removed the back and the glass.....

I cut the piece of lace I needed for the frame ....

I then proceeded to glue my edges... Use caution when gluing lace to anything especially with hot glue ....

Once I finished gluing my lace I decided to add a ribbon around the edge to hide the glued edges...

This is a very fun and easy project! The sky is the limit on how you can create these!

I really hope you give this a try !

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