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Make your own Hang Tags

Updated: May 3

I love ❤️ making grunge Hang Tags !

I make them all the time they are a really good seller for me in my Etsy shop!

So I’m always ordering them .

But the other day I thought I need to make my own .

So I did . I believe this is a really budget friendly project !

Supplies you will need:

• any type of card stock paper or file folders

• pencil

• Scissors

• Grommet set

• twine or string

Once you gather your supples you are ready to create your tags .

I used an existing tag that I had as my pattern .

I traced them out I got about 6 per paper .

I cut them all out .

I actually had an order for 40 tags so that’s what I cut out .

I then used my grommet tool to make a little indentation on my tags so I knew where my grommets would go .

I love this tool! It’s worth investing in one .

This tool is very easy to use .

You end up with very professional looking tags .

They come out perfect each time .

I love that I can make these anytime I need them !

I added my string and they were done .

They are now ready for me to coffee stain them and paint whatever decorative design I need on them .

I love how they came out !

These were some I made the other day !

I love how these tags came out!

They are super quick to make ! ❤️

Once you create them they will be ready for you to grunge them up or paint on them !

These are great to make when you need them quickly !

They are so easy and budget friendly!

I hope you give them a try.

I know you will love this project as much as I do!

Here’s another super inexpensive project for you to try !

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun beautiful items to add to your decorating!

It all starts just by using a little imagination and a few supplies!

I’m alway trying to create adorable budget friendly projects and this one is right up there for sure!

I hope you give these Tags a try !

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Happy creating!

Grommet Set

Card stock paper

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