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Peat Pot Pumpkin Lantern

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

I was just thinking how quickly Fall is approaching and now is the time to start creating your Fall treasures !

It’s always fun to add a variety of whimsical pumpkins throughout your home for Fall.

I simply love creating Pumpkins!

Especially whimsical ones like this cutie!

You really don't need alot of items to create it !

Here's what you will need for your Supplies

• Peat Pots

• a spindle or Candle stick

• Orange Paint

• Cinnamon

• Diamond Dust Glitter

• Acrylic spray

• Hot Glue


You can get the Peat Pots at Walmart, Family Dollar, Feed stores and Amazon.

I took my Peat Pot and cut out a face for my pumpkin.

I then painted it Orange use whatever shade of orange you like .

You can even paint them a cream color too!

While it was still wet I sprinkled some cinnamon on it to give it that grunge look.

It also makes it look like Rusty tin .

I love using this technique!

I then went ahead and hot glued it to my Spindle.

It looks cute already !

I made a fun bow with some Rafia then glued it on .

You can also use some strips of material for your bow as well!

I used some of these fabulous mini pumpkins from my Fall potpourri.

Look how cute it is !

Once I was done I went ahead and gave it a light spray of sealer and sprinkled it with Diamond Dust glitter!

Look how adorable it is !

You can now put a battery operated Tea Light or like I did a string of battery operated Rice Lights !

I think the purple color gives him that added Whimsical flare!

I hope you give these a try !

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Here's some of the items I used for this project.

Mini Pumpkin pods

Peat Pods

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